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Below are several examples of our unique carpet color change services. Whether your existing carpet is the wrong color, an old-tired-looking color, an "impractical-to-keep-clean-looking" color, an outdated color or just a plain ugly color, we can help. Sometimes new carpet isn't the best option. See for yourself.

These carpets below were destined for the dump needlessly until the owners contacted us for an evaluation of the potential success of "pre-cycling" their carpet.
We can produce a brand new color with our magical technology. Convenient, cost-effective, safe and very environmentally friendly, carpet dyeing is the best alternative to get a brand new looking carpet with just the right color for your home. With 16 Million+ custom colors from which to choose, the hardest part will be deciding which one you want!
Carpet Color Changes

From This:
To This!
CCRvarigated1b CCRvarigated2a
CCR-Lvrm1B41.jpg CCR-Lvrm2After1.jpg
DRJoffice1b DRJoffice2a.jpg
CHCascia1B4.jpg CHCascia2A.jpg
DRofficeg3b DRofficeg4a
TWRoby90-1b TWRoby94-2a
TW8-33-1 TW8-39-2

p2bB.gif p2bA.gif
TW729-1 TW836-2
KMMchurchrm1b KMMchurchrm2a
/ResidentialCarpet/Carpet/KK-DR-1B4 KK-DR-2Afte
TW316-1 TW427-2
TW117-1 TW226-2
TW518-1 TW628-2

*The pictures here may not display the amazing results properly, you'll just have to see the results in person to know how absolutely flawless our dyeing can be when viewed onsite.

We're Dyeing to Serve You!
Color Your Carpet® is the only onsite, full-time, 100% carpet dyeing & color restoration service in the world. Expert carpet dyeing & color restoration services for all commercial & residential property owners exclusively through our proprietary dyeing system.

If you have a question about carpet or rugs, we have the answer or we will get it for you.  Color Your Carpet® has just the right solution for your carpet color needs. More than 200 locations served worldwide. Contact us today!!!

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