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Color Your Carpet ® can eliminate the ugly discolorations of the unsightly stains that carpet cleaning CANNOT get out. Carpet discolorations like this RED STAIN had been thought impossible to correct.

In the collage of photos here, extreme discoloration from red liquid (KoolAid), are made worse by the home owner's attempt to remove the nasty red stain with bleach. Very little of the stubborn red stain was removed by using bleach, but the surrounding original carpet color was "bleached" out to almost white. The ugly stain caused the room to look "unclean", old and ugly. The results were devastating for the home owner.

In this case the customer was about to give up and order a whole new carpet for this large bedroom. But, as a final attempt, the customer called us. Skeptical, but with nothing to lose, the customer took a chance. Boyd Banks, of West Palm Beach Florida was the Dye Master who performed our unique color restoration process in this home.

The secrets we have applied in ugly stains like this one literally bring the carpet back to "new" looking again without the high cost of buying new carpet or the unpredictable results caused by harsh chemicals in the hands of the home owner or carpet cleaners.

First, every damaged fiber is neutralized to eliminate all bleach and other chemical residues. Then the remaining red stain is removed with special chemicals. Then, the area is slowly treated with a very small amount of color, restoring to each fiber just the right colors to result in even and beautiful original color brought back to life. Exact formulas are created to ensure color matching.

As the final "after" photo reveals, the whole stain (red stain and bleached out area) was made disappear like magic and the carpet color was matched the to the original carpet color perfectly by our expert color technicians. The customer was able to save more than a thousand dollars by "dyeing" instead of buying! Our unique services are always priced at a substantial savings to the customer when compared to costly, unnecessary carpet replacement. 

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