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After completion of Home Study with the Confidential Operations and Training Manuals for a minimum course period of 80 hours (two weeks) you will attend the Academic Training Session at the Florida Home Offices. Below is the outline of the Academic and Field Training Sessions.
Day One - Chapter 1, 3, & 7 Day Two - Chapter 4 & 5 
I.       History of Carpet Dyeing & CYC II.       Public Relations
The Carpet Industry  CYC Competitive Edge
        History of Carpet Customer Psychology
Color Training & ColorSamples Software Program Marketing: Targeting the Right Customers
Chemical and Dye Theory  Zone Strategy
Fiber Analysis and Tests          Residential Campaign
Competitor Methods          Commercial Campaign
CYC Method and Process Advertising
Formulas and Chemicals          Image and Identity
Business Workshop          Advantages and Disadvantages
          Management Skills          Tracking Advantage
          Personell Profiles and Selecting Suppliers Closing the Sale: Repeat and Referral Sales
          Hiring and Training Staff Customer Follow Up

Day Three - Chapter 2, 8, & 9 Day Four - Chapter 6, 11 & Review
III.       Estimating the Job IV.       Management Workshop
Commercial and Residential Carpet Differences Critical Path Business Planning
      Specific Carpet Problems       Inventory Control
      Specific Carpet Solutions        Monthly Royalty Reports and Adjustment Reports
      Carpet Cleaning Methods       The Franchisee Network
      Selecting Referral Carpet Cleaners       Entrepreneurial Skills
      Carpet Repair and Installation Corporate Accounts and Specialty Projects
      Selecting Carpet Repair Companies       Property Managers and Management Groups
Ancillary Products and Services       GSA, Insurance and Class A Facility Jobs
Financial Workshop Advanced Dyeing Pattern Carpet
      Managing & Eliminating Debt Service Design Dyeing & Area Rugs
      Bookkeeping and Accounting Question and Answer Session
      Capitol Planning Cycle Evaluation and Examination
      Crisis Management Dye Technician Certification (Academic)

Day Five - Chapter 10 & Review Day Six to Eight- Field Training
V.       Review and Field Training VI.      Review and Field Training
Chemical and Dye MSDS On-the-Job
Equipment:  Color Cleaning and Stubborn Stains
       Introduction Tinting and Color Restoration
       Use and Care Dyeing and Color Changes
       Maintenance Spot Dyeing and Oriental Rugs
Trouble Shooting Dye Technician Certification (Field)

After Training : (Franchisee will complete the following) INTERNET, COMPUTER & COMMUNICATIONS 
Submit training manual & field training evaluation & suggestions Telephone & Cell Phone
Submit on-the-job apprenticeship records Email, Internet, Intranets & Website
R & D Comments & Suggestions (Product & Equipment) Reports

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* Further franchisee Agendas will be reviewed at training. This agenda is only intended to provide a sense of priorities to you. This agenda will not obligate you or us to any promise of timely fulfillment of any item other than as required by the Franchise Agreement. It is hoped that this agenda will also encourage you to organize and to continue to plan ahead! Within the next six months to a year you will be nmonitored and scheduled, according to your progress, for your second training which is advanced instruction conducted to enable you to gain your Dye Master Certification.

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