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Color Your Carpet® has provided on-site carpet dyeing services to virtually every type of commercial property.  From a small spot dye service to a complete color restoration of a Grand Ballroom, Color Your Carpet® has just the right solution for your carpet and color problems. 

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Commercial Property Carpet Dyeing

Color Your Carpet® can restore the beauty, color, functionality, life and original pristine appearance of your carpet at a fraction of the cost of new carpet. Premature carpet replacement is usually unnecessary and very costly. And, discarded carpet claims a large portion of our already overflowing and precious landfill space. 

But - Only through our exclusive onsite carpet dyeing processes.  Our only business is dyeing! No other system or company in the world can perform to our level of expertise. The only alternative to our service is costly new carpet (and that involves ripping out and throwing away the existing carpet).

Advantages of Carpet Dyeing: 

  • Save 50% up to 80% (or more) of the cost of new carpet replacement.
  • All proprietary products and processes are safe, eco-friendly and environmentally sound.
  • No need to dismantle your office, store or guest rooms as required when replacing carpet.  All furniture is moved by our team.
  • No need to remove furniture from rooms. This prevents possible damaging of furniture, walls or hallways. So furniture does not have to be stacked in other rooms or halls or stored in an offsite location.
  • No need to shut down a block of rooms or offices, or a whole floor, disrupting your operation, rooms are dyed one at a time on a schedule that keeps all other rooms active and productive. 
  • 10 to 30 rooms can be done in just one day by a two man team, depending on the size of the rooms. Each room takes less than an hour to complete, and is ready for use immediately. Teams of up to 10 DyeMasters can be scheduled for properties with a small window of time to complete a large property
  • We can dye according to your vacancy schedule, eliminating or dramatically reducing property downtime.
  • Expert on-site carpet dyeing can protect and extend the life cycle of your carpet to the maximum useful life and wear period you were counting on when you initially invested in good commercial carpet. Inside "curb appeal" counts with staff, visiting customers and guests.  Color Your Carpet® can make the carpet "UGLIES" disappear!

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