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    The light blue carpet piece in the center of the photo is the original color.  The original  is surrounded by  just a few dozen of the millions of color change possibilities with our process.


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    Letters and Photos 

      Skeptical? Seeing is believing . . .
    Don't Change Carpet - Change Color!

    Our exclusive on-site, carpet dyeing and color restoration technology eliminates the costly, unnecessary and pre-mature purchase of new carpet for our customers! Color Your Carpet® DyeMasters serve more than 200 markets worldwide. We have served the commercial and residential property market for more than 20 years.  We have thousands of references and many are posted right here on the Internet on our websites. Here are a few links to local residential clients that demonstate our incredible, unique services:
    Monster House "Soccer House": Photos of a design dye transforming a brand new white carpet into a soccer field for the the Discovery Channel's extreme makeover TV show "Monster House".
    Discovery Channel Photo of a recent color restoration to a beautiful area rug of the owner of the Discovery Channel.
    Residential: Severe Fading!
    Photos of a recent "beyond help" color restoration. 
    Residential: Bold Colors! Photos of a recent dramatic color change and a color restoration. 
    Residential: Soft Colors! Photos of a subtle color change and a color tint. 
    Residential: Extreme Stains!
    Photos of extreme discoloration, stains and unsightly traffic lanes
    Residential: Bleach Spots!
    Photos of many bleach spots and color loss. We successfully restored the original color to every one.
    Residential: Bleach & Red Stains!
    Photos of red stain spill (and bleach applied by customer). We removed the red and successfully restored the original color.
    Residential: Furniture too! Photos of a carpet color restoration and furniture color change.
    Residential: Still Skeptical? Seeing is believing. Dozens of Photos.
    ARMY, NAVY & MARINES are DYEING! Photos of a color change by our team of Military Dye Technicians. 
    RESTORATION of Wool Area Rugs   Before and After photos of Wool Area Rugs & Pattern Restoration. Recent color restorations and color changes to several elegant area rugs.
    DYEING Oriental Rugs     Photos of fine area rugs. Antique, Persian, Chinese.
    DESIGN DYEING on Area Rugs   Photos of Designer or Custom Made Area Rugs.
    DYEING Area Rugs Before and After photos of a recent color restoration and a color change to two very different but elegant  area rugs. One suffered from extreme sun fading and the other from pets and kids and traffic - and it was white once upon a time. Sound familiar? In both cases the results are nothing less than amazing!
    Cars, RV's, Boats, Planes & Trains are Dyeing!   Here's one example of a special Limousine restoration.
    Residential Customers: Letters Read actual customers "rave reviews" about our services.

    A carpet dyeing expert's only business is DYEING!

    The fact is that carpets don't wear out, they just "UGLY-OUT"!

    Now you can benefit from the 20+ years of carpet dyeing experience and advanced color restoration technology for your commercial property.

    Millions of yards of carpet have been restored by the Color Your Carpet® exclusive carpet dyeing and color restoration services throughout the world. Color Your Carpet® can restore and revive carpet color or change the old color of your carpet to a brand new color.

    With more than 16 million luxurious custom colors to choose from, Color Your Carpet® can "pre-cycle" your existing carpet from a Grade E or F into a Grade A appearance with a brand new carpet color. Or, we can match the existing color for fresh new look or we can provide borders or designer patterns turning your unsightly carpet into a work of modern art! 

    Finally, for those unsightly stubborn stains and annoying bleach spots, on solid colors or on multi-color and patterned carpet, we can remove the ugly blemish and re-dye the area to match it to the original carpet color and design perfectly with the rest of the carpet. 

    We know after you see the amazing results, you will want us to dye for you,
    so why buy when you can dye?

    Contact us:
    or call: 800-321-6567

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    American Association of Textile Chemists & Colorists
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