Color Your Carpet® Hotel Carpet Bleach Spots

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Bleach Stains-     -Restored Pattern:

This set of samples demonstrates that Color Your Carpet® can make a dramatic difference on a more geometric patterned carpet suffering from extreme bleach stains. Each fiber is re-dyed to match the original color and pattern. This job was at a 5 star hotel property owned by a notable chain.

These photos (below), even on the best monitors and computers, do not do justice to the actual results when seen in person. Call us for an on-site demonstration and we will provide actual color samples and a "very hard to believe without seeing demonstation" on your property. (Yes -we expect you to give us your worst room!) But remember, only Color Your Carpet® can prove these claims. We have performed our exclusive service for every top brand hotel in the USA. We readily provide referrals and local references from our portfolio during our first appointment with you. We serve all of the markets in North America. We have teams dispatched to regularly to markets in which we do not yet physically have offices.

This set of samples demonstrates that Color Your Carpet® can repair color in hallways on patterned carpet! 

This carpet which is installed in a prestigious hotel and although only a few years old had a severe bleach stain. At a cost of more than $60 per yard for the carpet alone in this hallway would be thousands of dollars to replace! The owner's objective was to restore the bleached area only.  In just a few hours, Color Your Carpet® was able to replace the color in the affected area for a small fraction of the unnecessary replacement cost.

CARPET DYE SAMPLES- Floral Patterns Restored:

This set of samples demonstrates that Color Your Carpet® can restore even multi-color floral hallway carpets to the original colors.  Each fiber is treated with the proper color formula. The faded color on the left plate detracts from the otherwise luxurious and pristine color of the hallway carpet. But the carpet is brought back to almost new condition after the exclusive Color Your Carpet® Dye Master works his magic! The first set of before and after is a close up of one area treated within the field pattern in one hallway.



The second before and after set is a more distant view of the treated area in a another hallway carpet in the same property which had affected the both the field and the border. Although initially very skeptical, the owner's objective was met to his extreme satisfaction throughout the entire hotel.

CARPET DYE SAMPLES- Guest Room Faded Traffic Area Restored:

In this set, we changed the carpet from discolored, stained and faded traffic areas to an evenly restored original color.  This traffic area color restoration restores missing color, removes unwanted stubborn stains and rejuvenates the carpet fiber appearance all in one convenient treatment.


One technician can complete as many as 20 rooms in just one day. Amazingly, carpet can be walked on in less than 60 seconds after treatment. As each room is completed, the room is ready to occupy almost immediately. Far less downtime than the costly alternative of carpet replacement. This hotel was facing a minimum $500 cost per room to replace carpet after only a few years of use, and well before the renovation anniversary. We saved the property from more than 70% in carpet replacement costs per room much to the delight of the owner.

Sometimes new carpet isn't the best solution to ugly, faded or worn looking carpet.

Choose from more than 16 million custom colors. Further, with our exclusive on-site carpet dyeing and color restoration services there are even more benefits! There are no removal fees, no discard fees, no installation fees and far less downtime of your revenue producing property. Carpets can be walked on and treated areas back in service right away.

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As soon as you call, we will arrange for one of our special team of carpet consultants to help you evaluate your carpet dyeing and floor covering options.

Find out what the carpet manufacturers, retailers, suppliers, cleaners and even your own corporate headquarters doesn't know or won't tell you about carpet and carpet color care alternatives exlusively from Color Your Carpet® !

Confidential investigative studies, carpet inspections, carpet consulting and educational carpet care programs provided for you and your staff. Our initial consultation is performed on your property at no obligation to you.

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