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COMPLETE CARPET CONSULTING: Analysis of existing or future floor covering, cost/benefit budget planning analysis & more!

Match any existing color while not changing the original or existing carpet color (like large faded, water damaged or discolored areas in solid or patterned carpet). 
Does not change original carpet color! Restores unevenly discolored carpet to one uniform color to match the original carpet color.

Provides a selection of more than 16 million custom colors, even if the desired color is outside of the existing color family (like Mauve to Teal, or Country Blue to Dusty Rose, or Beige to Hunter Green, or ugly, outdated colors to exciting new vibrant colors).

SPOT DYEING: for color missing from specific areas; bleach stains, UV fading, ozone fading, water mark & unsightly discolorations. Spot Dyeing for darker-than-original-carpet stains; caused by food & beverages, organic or inorganic staining substances. Large or small areas on solid color carpet or multi-color carpet or patterned carpet. 

For elegant area rugs. Eliminates all discolorations, fading and color disparity. Proprietary precision dyes are superior to natural or organic dyes

For borders, designs, patterns, logos, accents.

Removes stubborn stains or adds color to match your existing carpet color.

Eco-Friendly, Convenient & Cost Effective!

Our products & processes are environmentally friendly (MSDS provided), convenient (on-site) & very cost effective (clients save 50% to 85% when compared to carpet replacement costs).

Down-time of the property is far less than installation, cleaning or maintenance time. Carpet can be walked on in less than 60 seconds after treatment. Dyes are guaranteed colorfast for the life of the carpet-in writing!

Our extensive client referral list is available for your inspection. We have performed our exclusive services for a multitude of upscale properties. Residentially, from designer homes to condominiums to historic restoration projects, and commercially, from 5 Star hotels to office complexes to neighborhood retail establishments, we have astounded property owners with our process.


The facts are incredible & most of our customers are initially quite skeptical as you can imagine. During the 20+ years of operating including the 10 years of the franchise implementation, in more than 200 cities in 5 countries, we have served more than 900,000 property owners always with extraordinary results. We have color treated every kind of carpet style, cut and color imaginable. Our expertise in on-site carpet dyeing and color restoration services is based on the services we have performed on millions of yards of carpet.

Seeing is believing!

Since our process is unique, on-site demonstrations are generally the preferred method of introduction to the true value of our process. All Dye Masters and their technicians receive comprehensive training in all aspects of the carpet industry. All technicians are fully certified carpet dyeing technologists or carpet dye masters. Color Your Carpet® is a senior member of the AATCC (American Association of Textile Chemists & Colorists).

Color Your Carpet® Services are Exclusive

Be aware that there are a few companies that claim to provide dyeing services. Be assured that they are all carpet cleaners with minimal knowledge/training in the true art and science of re-dyeing. "They" can only do about 5% of what we can do in on-site dyeing services.

More importantly, our system consists of an entirely different technology. We simply do not have any competition. Some of the the statistics and substantiating facts are found on our Internet pages. The rest will be provided at your request. Suffice to say that "you wouldn't take your car to a car wash to have it painted".

Who Uses Color Your Carpet® Services?

Although our client base is predominantly upscale residential and commercial property owners, we serve all types of carpeted properties. We have performed our services for many small "starter" homes and small businesses or offices. We have a very large middle class clientèle base, both residential and commercial properties.

And by virtue of reputation we have acquired the most discriminating and affluent property owners as clients in every market in which we operate. From luxurious mansions to prestigious country clubs to high profile commercial office buildings and Class A facilities including 5 Star hotels, we are the preferred supplier for carpet dyeing and color restoration services. Our ONLY competition is new carpet!

Carpet cleaners & carpet retailers, (who were initially more skeptical than any customer), account for a large portion of our business in every market in which we operate. Architects, interior decorators, insurance adjusters, real estate brokers, property managers, corporate CFOs and notable business owners have been amazed at the results of our process and account for another large segment of our client list.

A Few Color Negatives

Although everything sounds positive so far, there are some negatives. About 90% of all carpet is dyeable by our process, the rest is not dyeable. There are some limitations on color selection, there are some carpets that do need to be replaced & there are some jobs that are not practical or profitable to accept.

Finally, on-site carpet dyeing is very difficult to learn, & even the best educated people, often have no aptitude for color theory. Believe or not we have solved this problem. With our proprietary products, our training and certification program, as well as our unique process, our Dye Masters & technicians are able to master both the "art" and the science of on-site carpet dyeing and carpet color restoration.

Our Competitive Advantages

The good news is that our business, while challenging to master, is impossible to imitate or duplicate without our proprietary products, processes & our specific training & knowledge. No one else can dye like we do!

Our Only Competition is New Carpet!

Our marketing strategy is based on educational sales, not highly competitive selling. Our only possible competition is new carpet - which costs 300% to 800% more than our services for the same end result. Consumer awareness is only an obstacle until the potential client is educated with accurate, current and timely facts about their carpet problems and our options.

We provide a no cost-no obligation on-site evaluation for every client. Then we submit a formal proposal. We do NOT bid on jobs! We do not compete with any other company's price because "they" do not compete with our quality. We will not take a project in which we cannot meet or exceed the client's expectations as well as our own.

Our service proposal will specify every detail of the project. We provide all recommendations and guarantees in writing. Our track record is flawless to date. We also offer to perform an on-site demonstration for the property owner or decision maker. In this manner, all clients are afforded a complete understanding of the project and the ability to make a well informed decision. The result of our "soft-sell/show-me" approach results in advanced customer "peace of mind", which is an important part of our service. For us, this aspect of our service is what cultivates unsolicited referrals. Our reputation for quality & success are our greatest asset & produce the lion's share of our revenue stream.

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