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Our company, since 1979, has invested substantial resources in the research and development of on-site solutions for existing carpet. Specifically, we focused on the commercial building properties that continue to replace carpets prematurely and at needless cost to the owners when in fact they are simply unaware that there is a cost effective, very viable alternative: expert carpet dyeing.  Of most value to you with regard to this issue is that we have recently opened or are soon to open offices in your area. We have saved millions of dollars for property owners as the following scenario exemplifies.

Carpet Dyeing versus Carpet Replacement

The problem: One property alone, of say 90,000 carpeted sq ft (10,000 sq yds) which is in good condition, except for traffic lane areas which are matted down and discolored as well as various stubborn stains, fading and "worn-looking" areas.

Low quality carpet might be bought for about $100,000 to $180,000 ($10 to $18 per sq yd) but would "show" as "cheap" carpet.

Equal quality carpet would require a carpet replacement cost of between $200,000 and $400,000 depending on the grade of carpet selected ($20 to $40 per sq yd).

Remember to consider installation costs, removal of old carpet costs, padding and downtime to complete the job.

The solution:  The Color Your Carpet® program offers a more cost effective, eco- friendly, convenient alternative.

In comparison, to the example above, our carpet dyeing services would cost between $27,000 and $63,000 depending on the type of carpet dyeing service chosen (30¢ to 70¢ per sq ft or $2.70 to $6.30 per sq yd).

The average request is midline, so in this example the project would be about $45,000 instead of new carpet average cost of $250,000 for this size property.

A smaller or larger property would be proportionately less or more, with an adjusted difference for volume.

An exact project proposal and service invoice is provided in advance.

The result:  By engaging Color Your Carpet® services, a significant reduction in property renovation cost to the seller is attained while at the same time achieving the increased value in property appearance and sellability for the seller and the buyer.

The net sum is obviously more profit to the real estate firm and the seller concurrently.

Our expert carpet dyeing service enhances property appearance and value. We are the only company that has mastered this art-science-craft with consistent success.

Beneath the Problem
The underlying problem is that property owners, facility managers and real estate firms have been misinformed routinely by carpet vendors and carpet cleaners of the actual condition of the carpet and the potential for carpet dyeing solutions. They have all wrongly concluded that the carpet is "worn" or badly discolored and cannot be made to look "new" any longer. The property owners have accepted an analysis that is totally inaccurate, misleading and very costly.
No one who owns or manages property is immune to the high cost of carpeted floor covering and the related lack of accurate, timely information. For obvious reasons, carpet vendors are motivated to sell you new carpet. They deny any culpability for poor performance and place all blame on your "traffic or use or improper care". Intentionally or not, improper, infrequent or too frequent carpet cleanings are often a major part of the problem.

Isn't it odd that with all the innovations in the textile industry, advanced carpet manufacturing technology, high-tech cleaning equipment, "miracle" cleaning chemicals and acclaimed training certifications, that carpets last far less and look worn far sooner than the less durable fibers of 20 or 30 years ago? The actual statistics are shocking.

Ugly, tired looking or stained carpet can be a "deal breaker". We have successfully "renewed" existing carpet and therefore increased the value of the property and rendered it more "sellable".

In the commercial and residential real estate business, carpet dyeing services can be quite an asset to the buyer and the seller. In the sale of properties, the carpet is a major consideration and expense to both the buyer and the seller. Carpet can be successfully restored to delight of the buyer or seller. We also change complete color schemes, design borders or create custom colors for either the seller or the buyer when the existing carpet color is not what the buyer wanted or is an "outdated" color.
The idea of on-site carpet dyeing has existed in the minds of many property owners and managers. However, past experiences with the carpet cleaners (who claimed to be able to perform dyeing services) were very limited in color matching or color changing possibilities. Subsequently results were at best marginally successful and in some instances caused the skepticism and rejection by property owners to even consider carpet dyeing as a possible solution.

In the facilities management community, the benefits of carpet dyeing  services are non-existent. Study after study by various professionals and academics reveals that carpet replacement is a necessary cost of business and perpetuates the falicy that no viable alternative is available.

Owners of residential and commercial properties have long sought to "get what they bargained for" in carpet purchases with such poor to marginal results that they have also "lowered their expectations" and standards when purchasing carpet or carpet cleaning services.
Even after the best ongoing maintenance and cleaning programs, the decision makers usually believe far sooner than necessary that the only solution is new carpet. In real estate sales, the seller usually opts to buy "cheaper' or low quality, less attractive carpet for the property and reduces his potential profit or is forced to give a "carpet allowance" to the buyer to get the sale, again reducing his potential profit.

This causes a perpetual downgrading of the importance of buying quality carpet because the general misperception that carpet "wears out". In fact, it really isn't worn out, but often causes the owner the forced purchase of cheaper carpet which has even less life expectancy and is more vulnerable to staining, fading and traffic patterns. Due to budget constraints or the conclusion that carpet cost/benefit failure is inevitable, millions of yards of carpet are discarded needlessly every year.

Especially on commercial properties, such as in a Class A building which is adorned with all manner of quality fixtures and decor, a cheap carpet is a very noticeable detraction and a visible flaw in the intended beauty of the property. Statistics in the carpet industry and the real estate community clearly confirm our claims. Our technology affords the property owner the opportunity to restore, extend and "renew" the carpet's useful life, beauty, color, appearance and value. Carpet dyeing further prevents the reduced performance, costly and needless replacement of carpet that was inevitable before Color Your Carpet®.

The truth is carpets don't wear out, they just "UGLY-OUT". Carpet can be made to look "new" for 5, 10 or even 20 years longer than current expectations simply by incorporating expert carpet dyeing services.
A common misconception is that carpet must be dyed much darker or that exact color matching is not possible. We can match or slightly darken or completely change color family to an equal depth of color, say a light beige to a light gray or a light gray to a light beige or a blue to gray or a gray to blue or a rose to a green or a green to a mauve. The possibilities are endless only limited by the darkness of the original color. An on-site inspection or a sample sent to us is all we require to give you a verifiable demonstration or a sample made to your color specifications.  We offer a selection more than 16 million custom colors. Until Color Your Carpet®, this advanced technology was not available.
Color Your Carpet® has perfected a process to restore color to existing carpet on location in a convenient, safe, one-step process for a fraction of the cost of new carpet. We can remove stubborn stains that carpet cleaners cannot. We can restore (and match to the original color or design) all faded, bleached or discolored areas of the carpet - even on patterned or multi-color carpets! We offer custom colors, designs and borders. Carpet color can be matched exactly or, for decorating considerations, a brand new color can be achieved as well.
We are NOT CARPET CLEANERS!!! Our company is not to be confused with traditional carpet cleaning companies, nor those carpet cleaning companies which purport to have carpet dyeing on location.

Previous and current attempts to add carpet dyeing to carpet cleaning companies have been very unsuccessful as any experienced property owner or manager can attest. Even the existing properties that have met with marginal success by using carpet cleaners to "dye" carpets, have no idea how much better the results could be if more advanced technologies such as ours could be compared. We caution you against the idea that what we are doing is in anyway similar to any other company or their past attempts at on-site carpet dyeing or color restoration. Our only competition is new carpet.

Further, we have evaluated and studied the entire carpet industry to the degree that we can provide the property owner with the very best unbiased advice about carpet purchasing as well as guidelines and recommendations for in-house or out-sourced carpet care, maintenance and carpet cleaning methods and companies. We do not sell carpet, chemicals or equipment. We are NOT carpet cleaners.

We are the only company in the world that provides on-site, 100% full-time, expert carpet dyeing and color restoration services. We began franchising our technology in 1990. Our franchisees and their technicians are highly skilled and trained professionals. The profile of our franchisees includes: business executives, pilots, nurses, professors, engineers, procurement officers, chemists and commercial property investors.
All franchisees and their technicians are required to successfully complete courses in all in facets of the carpet industry and carpet color chemistry. Our proprietary training program provides the most comprehensive textile, chemical, equipment and carpet colorists education ever conducted. We exceed all IICRC and ASCR certification requirements. We have 200+ locations worldwide and we are currently operating in five countries including coverage in 21 states domestically. We are a senior member of the AATCC (American Association of Textile Chemists & Colorists).

We have provided our unique services to the upscale residential and commercial properties for more than 25 years in selected markets. We have been retained by insurance adjusters, major hotel chains, investment bankers, architects, design firms, condominium associations, real estate firms, ASID members and more in every market in which we now operate. Letters of endorsement from our clients are available for your inspection. We have had zero liability and 100% extraordinary customer satisfaction. We have also received numerous awards and recognition in the franchise community.

In conclusion. we invite you to visit our web site and find out why every property owner, property manager, real estate firm, facilities manager and homeowner needs to know about the exciting and unique carpet dyeing and color restoration services of Color Your Carpet®.
All of this is intended to inform you of our existing and future value to your business. We would like to arrange a meeting between you and our area specialist in the near future at a suitable time. We welcome your comments and questions.

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