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* Read what this manager of the prestigious commercial property Morgan's Family Entertainment Center says about our exclusive on-site, carpet dyeing and color restoration services. First, here's a little background on the project:

This project at Morgan's (7,000 square feet of the game room and family entertainment facility) was completed in less than two days at less than 20% of the cost of carpet replacement! Color Your Carpet® was contracted to change the existing carpet colors of the West wing. The objective was to achieve a more practical color scheme of deep blue and deep green. The on-site dyemasters were myself, Boyd Banks (West Palm Beach, Florida franchisee) and Mark Taylor (Memphis, Tennesse franchisee) and. Also a new team member on-site was my son Brandon.

The service we performed was on the carpeted game room that was exposed to heavy daily traffic, mostly kids. The carpet was very high quality nylon, originally a grand scale design inlay of peachy-coral and a light seafoam green which had extreme faded areas from the cleanings and even large bleached areas which were the result of the aquarium poles.

We corrected the color of the the bleached, faded and stained areas to almost the original color before applying the new colors. Although, Mr. Nettles had originally wanted the entire area to be dyed black, he agreed to our recommendation of a deep ocean blue and a deep sea green after we provided some samples from a wide selection of color possibilities.

Morgan's is a very prestigious and famous resort attraction in Florida and is a favorite getaway for the very privileged. Many visitors as well as local merchants of the famous retail outlets located in the complex were fascinated with our magical color services as they observed the tawdry carpet take on a new lively color scheme. We will post some photos of the job here very soon. We were very proud to dye for this notable property. Here is the letter from a super satisfied customer, and one of our nicest clients, Mr. Jay Nettles :

July 18, 2000

Ms. Connie D'Imperio
Color Your Carpet, Inc.
Jacksonville, FL 32223

Dear Connie,

Congratulations to you and your staff on the successful renovation of 7,000 square feet of carpet in Morgan's. The results are nothing less than miraculous. Although our carpets are very high quality 100% nylon and less than three years old, they were badly stained. Repeated carpet cleaning had offered only minimal improvement. The appearance of the carpet detracted from the otherwise pristine appearance of our facility. My only option appeared to be replacement of the carpet at approximately $40,000 plus the additional cost associated with interruption of normal business operation.

Color Your Carpet successfully dyed our carpets to a near-new appearance with minimal disruption of normal business. The work was completed in a timely and professional manner. I was very skeptical about the prospect of dyeing the carpet, but was amazed with the results.

I believe that Color Your Carpet offers a viable alternative to anyone who is considering replacing carpet that is not completely worn out, but is acceptable in appearance. I offer my recommendation to any commercial property manager to consider the benefits and cost savings offered by Color Your Carpet.



Jay Nettles
General Manager

Morgan's Family Dining & Entertainment Complex
Silver Sands Commercial Properties
10406 Emerald Coast Parkway West, Suite 283
Destin, Florida 32541

Skeptical? Seeing is Believing! Carpet Dyeing Samples. See for yourself:

"Before & After" photos of commercial carpet we dyed for a Clarion® hotel.

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The appearance of the carpets in a Florida hotel was so unsightly before we dyed it that the owner was sure he would have to throw them out. The owner was sure the carpet could not be revived - WRONG! We worked miracles and we do it everyday!

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