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 Commercial Property Owners Are Amazed at the Results of Our On-site Expert Carpet Dyeing Service. The pictures below (sorry about the long page load time, but it's worth the wait)are great examples but don't begin to do justice when compared to seeing our fantastic results in person.

We wanted to show you the "real thing" on the web so here's our first gallery. Most hotel carpets NEVER get this bad. The example here is to demonstrate that our unique color restoration and carpet dyeing services are The top left is the original carpet condition when we arrived. The other three pictures are of the same carpet with three different dye application services. This carpet was only three years old at the time of our inspection. 

The original carpet color is a light to medium multi-color blue that was not subjected to the traffic or cleaning processes because it was under the bed and the bureau. The brownish color is a common commercial carpet problem, exposed traffic area discoloration. It is not dirt! This carpet had just been cleaned before we arrived. The carpet fiber was in good condition but the discoloration of the carpet was misinterpreted as "worn out". The fact is the carpet was far from "worn out", it was "UGLIED-OUT" as a result of frequent improper cleaning chemicals and methods.

This is not a cleaning problem, this is a color problem. The residues and stains had been set into the carpet fiber. Also, some color loss had occurred as a result of the frequent cleanings and other factors such as sun, ozone and chemical fading effects. Cleaning would not solve these problems. The Color Your Carpet® system could and did!


Our first step was to chemically neutralize the carpet and release the stains and residue trapped in the carpet's dye-sites. At the same time our application would include a very small amount of the missing blue color. The result (top right) of the Color Your Carpet ® solution is just one of our "Color Renew/Color Restore/Color Fresh/Color Revive" processes. This service is a premium annual treatment to keep the color of your carpet new. Each process provides a deep cleaning with a tiny bit of exact matching dye that doesn't change the original color of your carpet. Bringing your carpet back to "almost new" with this process, will also dramatically reduce your regular carpet cleaning maintenance expenses.

Our Color Renew process brings lightly faded and minimally discolored carpet back to the original color. The carpet pictured above (top left) needed more attention since it was originally multi-colored in three shades of blue.


Our Color Restore and Revive service restores original color to patterned or multi-colored carpets. Our proprietary dyes enter the carpet fiber and bond permanently with the fiber just to the point of the original carpet color. This was the service first applied to the carpet above (top right).

Color Your Carpet® has 16 Million custom colors! Although the carpet above is an extreme example of unsightly discoloration, it is not uncommon is the hotel industry. Hotel and motel owners are routinely forced to prematurely purchase new carpet to replace existing carpet that is in good to great wear condition, but is unacceptable appearance-wise. Obviously these property owners want to keep their property appealing to guests. Color Your Carpet® is the answer!


True dyeing changes the color of your carpet to a brand new color. Choose from more than 16 million custom colors. Although we don't change a a darker color to a lighter color (like a dark blue to a light beige or a brown to a white), we can change a light color to almost any other light color like pink or mint green or dusty gold or beige or light gray to name a few. Yes, we can and do successfully change color families!

We can also, by adding a special formula of our dye, brighten and enhance the tones in your carpet that will cause an optical illusion of the carpet color in which the carpet will appear lighter than the original shade. And, because we are color experts, we can show you in advance what the results will be before we begin.


Add a border or special color design to your carpet. Or let us create a custom rug designed by us or you!

We're dyeing to serve you!


Removes stubborn stains or adds color to match your existing carpet color.

Why buy when you can dye?


Restores missing colors in spots, usually caused by bleach, urine or harsh cleaning chemicals.

It really works and we can prove it!



So Why Buy, When You Can Dye?

Color Your Carpet ® can restore, protect & preserve the beauty & life of your carpet. Expert carpet dyeing can protect your carpet investment for a fraction of the cost of new carpet. Architecturally, carpet color schemes & carpeted floor covering budgets can confidently be planned, scheduled & projected more accurately.

Carpet maintenance budgets can be dramatically reduced, air quality can be improved for your property. Your home or business image will be enhanced by your attractive indoor " curb appeal". And, you can save 50% to 85% when compared to the cost of carpet replacement. When we dye for you, you don't have to live with ugly, old or faded carpet. You'll have a brand new look or if you like, a brand new color!

Our exclusive technology eliminates the costly, unnecessary and pre-mature purchase of new carpet!

Our Only Business is Dyeing!

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