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is Dyeing for the Pope John Paul II Cultural Center!        

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Pope John Paul II Cultural Center   

Actual letter from the director of the Pope John Paul II Cultural Center in Washington, DC. 

   Pope John Paul II -Letter


As soon as you call, we will arrange for one of our special team of carpet consultants to help you evaluate your carpet dyeing and floor covering options. In your facility, we can correct any carpet discoloration, restore any carpet to the original color and design, or create a custom color to give your property a brand new color and modern look. We create and design exhibits made of carpet, and we can create a custom carpet with or without borders, designs and logos for your exhibit or trade booth display. We serve 200+ locations throughout the USA and Canada, and we are in many key global markets as well.

Find out what the carpet manufacturers, retailers, suppliers, cleaners and even your own corporate headquarters doesn't know or won't tell you about carpet and carpet color care alternatives exclusively from Color Your Carpet® !

Confidential investigative studies, carpet inspections, carpet consulting and educational carpet care programs provided for you and your staff. Our initial consultation is performed on your property at no obligation to you.


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