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DYEING for Clarion®!  

At one prestigious  Clarion® in Maryland, the faded, stained or traffic laned areas of the carpet throughout the property detracted from the beautiful commercial carpet of this fine hotel. The carpet was structurally sound and only a few years old, but stains, fading and bleach spots that couldn't be removed by carpet cleaning caused the property manager to call Color Your Carpet® for help. First, here's the letter we received AFTER we corrected these unsightly blemishes:


Here's some pictures of what we did.

Before   After

In just a few hours, the borders and design are restored to their original design and colors. The geometric design is restored along with the intricate border design. The center is color enhanced to provide the original rich color contrast of this luxurious commercial carpet. 

  Before   After

Amazing results for the Choice Hotel property performed by Color Your Carpet®.

So Why Buy, When You Can Dye?

Color Your Carpet ® can restore, protect & preserve the beauty & life of your carpet. Expert carpet dyeing can protect your carpet investment for a fraction of the cost of new carpet. Architecturally, carpet color schemes & carpeted floor covering budgets can confidently be planned, scheduled & projected more accurately.

Carpet maintenance budgets can be dramatically reduced, air quality can be improved for your property. Your home or business image will be enhanced by your attractive indoor " curb appeal". And, you can save 50% to 85% when compared to the cost of carpet replacement. When we dye for you, you don't have to live with ugly, old or faded carpet. You'll have a brand new look or if you like, a brand new color!

Our exclusive technology eliminates the costly, unnecessary and pre-mature purchase of new carpet!

Our Only Business is Dyeing!

Commercial property owners and facility managers be sure to read this vital report on commercial carpet awareness:
Commercial Carpet Awareness Report

Color Your Carpet® International. The following link is our USA corporate headquarters website. Shocking and valuable consumer information about carpet that just can't be found anywhere else. Visit our International Franchise Headquarters on the Web:   Color Your Carpet® Official Website We invite you send us your questions about carpet care. Tell us what YOU want to know about carpet. 

Color Your Carpet ® is Dyeing to Serve You!

Contact us today for an on-site appointment & a "No Obligation" color evaluation of your carpet.

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