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*Read exactly what this Holiday Inn ® General Manager says about our exclusive on-site, carpet dyeing and color restoration services. Here's the letter:

September 16, 1997

Good Morning:

When my last Holiday Inn inspector went thru some of my rooms and announced that my 2 year old carpet was worn at the entry ways, all I could visualize was the cost of replacement.

When a friend mentioned to give Color Your Carpet a call, I was skeptical to say the least, but I did call, and I'm here to say that you should call too if your carpet is in need of help, but too new to replace.

The technician matched the exact dyes on our carpet and worked diligently to restore 50 of our rooms to an exact match of the original color and at a very affordable price.

This letter should serve a a high recommendation to all fellow General Managers who are in need of this service. Also, please feel free to call me with any questions you might have.

Best regards,

Hratch Basmadjian

General Manager

BAY CITY * 501 Saginaw Street * Bay City, Michigan 48708 * 517-892-3501
Operated by Westbrooked Hospitality Corporation Under Licence From Holiday Inns, Inc.

Skeptical? Seeing is Believing! See for yourself:

"Before & After" photos of this hotel carpet
Color Your Carpet® restored another Holiday Inn® carpet and matched the original color perfectly! We worked miracles and we do it everyday!


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