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Holiday Inn® General Manager, Mr. Hratch Basmadjian, admits to super skepticism when he was first approached by Color Your Carpet ®, about the alternative of restoring the carpet color in 50 guest rooms at the Bay City hotel location instead of replacing the carpet. But, seeing is believing, so . . .

Commercial Property Owners Are Amazed at the Results
of Our On-site Expert Carpet Dyeing Service.
Read exactly what this national chain hotel manager says
in his personal letter to us about our unique dyeing services
and how we saved him more than $10,000 in pre-mature,
unnecessary carpet replacement costs.
The pictures above are great examples of our expert carpet dyeing services

but don't begin to do justice when compared to seeing our fantastic results in person.

On-Site Carpet Dyeing & Color Restoration: The REAL thing!

We wanted to show you as much of the "real thing" on the web as possible. We have several pages of our our amazing on-site dyeing results. On this page, the top and bottom left pictures show the condition of two of the carpets when we arrived. The pictures on the right show the results after our color restoration treatment was applied. These carpets were only two years old at the time of our initial inspection.

The original carpet color is a medium dark green (a Hunter Green variety) that was subjected to normal hotel traffic and cleaning maintenance. On the first carpet (top left), this carpet had also been subjected to an accidental bleach spill by one of the maids. These are common problems in hotel properties. Various stains, spills, cleaning chemicals , traffic and other abuse that a commercial carpet is routinely subjected to detracts from the desired property image that the owner wants to present to guests. The result (top right) is just what the owner wanted.

Our Expert Carpet Dyeing Service Saves Time & Money For Property Owners

A few weeks after we performed our initial demonstration in one of the rooms, we were awarded the contract to complete a total of 50 rooms. And, in less time than necessary for new carpet installation! Downtime of hotel guest rooms is revenue lost.

Our Michigan franchisee, was able to complete this entire job in less than three days! Planning the service at ten rooms at a time, the property enjoyed very little inconvenience and rooms were able to be used the same day that the service was provided.

In the end, this Holiday Inn® was able to eliminate the cost of buying new carpet. A direct savings of more than 80% to solve this problem by dyeing instead of buying.

In fact, with our Commercial Property Carpet Program, property owners can truly get the maximum value from their carpeted floor covering investment by implementing our exclusive carpet consulting services!

A Colorful Case of Dyeing & Not Buying!

The bottom set of pictures was representative of most of the rooms in this this Holiday Inn®. Although the carpets were not worn out at all, the entrance portion of the rooms were unsightly, faded, stained and just plain ugly. The carpet throughout this property was almost new, less than 2 years old. As is true in most hotel properties, the franchisee owners and managers are subject to regular property inspections. They must comply with the evaluation of the inspector to bring the property back to "spec".

These inspections can result in a major cost to the franchisee owner for renovation, replacement or repair when any part of the hotel doesn't meet or exceed the specifications of the franchise agreement. This expense is mandatory and the franchisee is then faced with a major unexpected expense. The franchise agreements of motel hotel chains only require new carpet purchases every 5 to 7 years - UNLESS the carpet is damaged or "worn out" sooner. Even in hotel chains that are company owned, the same high standards of image and identity, ("aesthetic perception") must be presented to the hotel guests.

Consumer Expectations of Your Property

We all expect the rooms at our favorite hotel to be attractive, clean and new looking. The carpet fiber was in excellent condition but the discoloration of the carpet was misinterpreted as "worn out". The fact is the carpet was far from "worn out", it was "UGLIED-OUT" and just needed the Color Your Carpet ® color restoration service. Case closed! Another happy and satisfied Color Your Carpet ® client. 

This was not a cleaning problem, nor was it a carpet replacement problem, this was a color problem . The residues and stains had been set into the carpet fiber. Also, some color loss and discoloration had occurred as a result of too frequent, improper or inadequate cleaning and other factors such as sun, ozone, chemical fading effects and accidental guest or maid stains and spills. No cleaning process on earth could have solved these problems. The Color Your Carpet® system could and did!

Color Your Carpet® has 16 Million Custom Colors!

We were able to match the original carpet color precisely and evenly. Although the carpets above are just a few examples of unsightly discoloration, this situation is very common is the hotel and multiple housing industry as well as commercial office buildings. These property owners are routinely forced to prematurely purchase new carpet to replace existing carpet that is in good to great wear condition, but is unacceptable appearance-wise. Obviously these property owners want to keep their property appealing to guests and clients. Color Your Carpet® is the answer!

Color Your Carpet ® proprietary dyes are guaranteed colorfast for the life of the carpet and can be walked on in less than 30 seconds (after our dyeing process is applied) without fear of walk-off or rub-off. Matching colors exactly and uniformly requires the training, talent and skill that is only available from our expert carpet dyeing team.

Dyeing is our ONLY business!

Carpet Dyeing & Carpet Dyers : We ARE the "Industry"!

Color Your Carpet ® is the ONLY, on-site, fulltime, 100% carpet dyeing and color restoration services in the world for upscale commercial AND residential properties! We are not carpet cleaners! We are certified carpet dyeing technologists and color experts, so we can show you in advance what the results will be before we begin. here are some more examples of our service:

More "Before & After" photos of our commercial property services
The appearance of this carpet was so bad before
we dyed it that the owner was sure he would have to
throw it out - WRONG! We worked miracles on all the rooms.


As soon as you call, we will arrange for one of our special team of carpet consultants to help you evaluate your carpet dyeing and floor covering options.

Find out what the carpet manufacturers, retailers, suppliers, cleaners and even your own corporate headquarters doesn't know or won't tell you about carpet and carpet color care alternatives exclusively from Color Your Carpet® !

Confidential investigative studies, carpet inspections, carpet consulting and educational carpet care programs provided for you and your staff. Our initial consultation is performed on your property at no obligation to you.

Color Your Carpet ® is Dyeing to Serve You!

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