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*Read exactly what this Holiday Inn Express® General Manager says about our exclusive on-site, carpet dyeing and color restoration services. Here's the letter:

Jan 12, 2001

Color Your Carpet
Attention: Brandon D'Imperio
Commercial Property Division

Dear Sir:

This letter is to serve as testament to how well Color Your Carpet works. I had just replaced the carpeting in our meeting facility and about to address carpet issues throughout our hotel i.e.. bleach spots, faded areas and the like when a representative of Color Your Carpet paid me a visit. I was explaining to the gentlemen that I was going to have to purchase new carpet, and he said to me "let me give you a demonstration on how my product works". Needless to say I was thrilled as well as shocked at the results. The bleached carpet area was restored to its original color.

I highly recommend talking with a representative if you are in the market for carpet restoration or simply wanting to change the color of your existing carpet.

Best Regards,

Karl Lyons
General Manager.

B.W.I. Airport 7481 Ridge Road Hanover, Maryland 21076 410 684-3388

Skeptical? Seeing is Believing! See for yourself:

"Before & After" photos of another hotel carpet
Color Your Carpet® restored another Holiday Inn® carpet and matched the original color perfectly! We worked miracles and we do it everyday!


As soon as you call, we will arrange for one of our special team of carpet consultants to help you evaluate your carpet dyeing and floor covering options.

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Confidential investigative studies, carpet inspections, carpet consulting and educational carpet care programs provided for you and your staff. Our initial consultation is performed on your property at no obligation to you.

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