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*Read exactly what this Marriott Hotel Director of Services says about our exclusive on-site, carpet dyeing and color restoration services. Here's the letter:
Bryan Stoltz
6400 Ivy Lane
Greenbelt, MD 20770

April 19, 2001

Dear Sir or Madam

It is my sincere pleasure to recommend the services of Color Your Carpet.  The team arrived at our hotel at the opportune time.  I was searching for a qualified dye technician to dye a few stained/bleached and chemically saturated spots at this hotel.  I had the opportunity to replace or patch these spots but I did not care to try to blend worn carpet with new patches.  I had heard of carpet dyers before but my search was proving to be more difficult than I anticipated.  I personally prefer to match/blend existing carpet than try to patch with attic stock carpet.

The Color Your Carpet technician not only sold me on his services, his professionalism has made him a pleasure to work with.  He took the time to explain his procedures and demonstrate his work.  I found him to be a very honest and respectable person to deal with, which can be a difficult task to find such an individual.  His work and quality has proven to be very successful and after three months, I am now having difficulty locating the areas that were once bleached/lightened.

I encourage anyone interested in using his services to give me a call.  It would be my pleasure to recommend Color Your Carpet services.

/s/ Bryan Stoltz
Bryan P, Stoltz
Director of Services

Greenbelt Marriott * 6400 Ivy Lane * Greenbelt, MD 20770 * USA
Phone: 1-301-441-3700 *

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As soon as you call, we will arrange for one of our special team of carpet consultants to help you evaluate your carpet dyeing and floor covering options.

Find out what the carpet manufacturers, retailers, suppliers, cleaners and even your own corporate headquarters doesn't know or won't tell you about carpet and carpet color care alternatives exlusively from Color Your Carpet®!

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Confidential investigative studies, carpet inspections, carpet consulting and educational carpet care programs provided for you and your staff. Our initial consultation is performed on your property at no obligation to you.

Color Your Carpet ® is Dyeing to Serve You!

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